Hey Wizz,
Are you ready
for the Hizz?

When there is a celebration in the
neighbourhood or when there is a dance
floor. Hizz Ya Wizz is The word to go.
It means; dance, shake your body or
show us your dance moves.

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SON Festival - Live from Cairo

Achieh, Archidi, Essperx, Hannah, Kubbara, MHMGAAD, PAMDGVV, STIFF, Shah, Super Maro and VII السابع
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SELECTED Music-only themed SETS,madE
from HIZZYAWIZZ resident and guest shows



January 14, 2021
20:00 CAIRO 19:00 Berlin

SON Festival Live from Cairo

Various Artists

In collaboration with Soundofnoize - Cairo, Hizzyawizz will host 3-days online festival, Showcasing 11 artists from Egypt and Morocco, from January 14th-16th. The line-up includes Achieh, Archidi, Essperx, Hannah, Kubbara, MHMGAAD, PAMDGVV and STIFF, as well as Shah, Super Maro and VII from rising label, Kafr El Dauwar Records.

December 31, 2020
00:00 - 01:00



The JOYBOYS are a newly formed Brussels-based duo taking the Paris scene by a storm. Both being experienced techno producers, they believe it was fate that brought them together when they coincidentally ended up sharing a flat together. Their instant vibe helped push each other's eye for details, creativity, and talent to the next level. All fun, no games!

December 31, 2020
22:00 - 00:00



Hayek is a 21 year old Egyptian producer and occasional DJ based in Brussels, Belgium. His techno journey began in 2018, after a wild night out in the recently shutdown Kompass Club in Ghent. According to Hayek, the secret behind his rapid growth as a fresh artist is his ability to compose full songs in his head, he just had to learn to transfer his ideas onto a computer. Since his first EP back in April 2020, Hayek has released with a number of well known labels and collectives such as Italy’s Insane Industry Recordings and Industrial Techno United, Egypt’s Red Sea Records and SceneNoise, and France’s Unity Records Paris. In brief, expect nothing but hard hitting dancefloor melters reaching high into the 150bpm range when Hayek’s on the decks.

December 26, 2020
21:00 Cairo 20:00 Berlin

Dirty Backseat Live from Cairo

Dirty Backseat

Dirty Backseat is an electronic project that simulates a rock band format. Consisting of the Egyptian Record Producer/Songwriter "Moe Hani" who's also the co-founder of the Egyptian record label/Imprint "SLOVVDK" (Slow Decay Records).Throughout the project's career DB has been focusing on songwriting & recording songs from home since 2017 blending Moe's major music favorite styles such as Psych rock, Garage rock, post-punk to Synth-pop, Synth-Punk & Electronica. DB's music varies from having a melancholic dreamy vibe emphasizing on melancholic guitars &/or synths & washed out vocals to high energy songs with a 360º DIY production using thick bass lines, gritty rhythms and a lo-fi psych sound reminiscent of something in between Analysis and Suicide.

December 4, 2020
21:00 Berlin 22:00 Amman

TECHNO SET BY Zai' live from amman


Zai' is a techno DJ/Producer, as well as an audio engineer. He is mainly known for delivering hard hitting techno with an inclusion of it’s sub genres. Zai' made his local debut playing for Lotus Audio's LFO and since then he has been a regular on powerful local lineups sharing the decks with acts from around the MENA region, and playing sets in Egypt and Beirut. He has managed to successfully collaborate with other local artists on their own projects as a producer, while maintaining his regular monthly RAW sets. Zai' is currently working on his Debut EP that will soon be released.

December 4, 2020
20:00 BERLIN 21:00 CAIRO

200Shams Live form cairo


200 Shams is a Singer-Songwriter/Producer from Cairo/Egypt. His music is charchterized by a frequent renewal and mixing of different types of music. He finds influences in electronic music, funk, R&B, hip hop, Psychedelica & North African Pop.

November 27, 2020
17:00 Berlin 18:00 Amman

Zaid Khaled B2B Idreesi

Zaid Khakled and Idreesi

A set live from Amman, By The Zaid Khalid and Idreesi. Zaid Khaled aka Abulzooz an Audiovisual Artist based in Amman, Jo Idreesi Producer, singer, songwriter based in Amman, JO. Co-Founder of the Electro-Acoustic collective Garaseen

November 6, 2020
23:00 Berlin

Techno Wizz


SophiCue is a Syrian DJ based in Istanbul, She is delivering underground quality , some kind of trippy acidic dream sounds with a lot of different on the way.


We are Hizzyawizz, a Berlin based
music community and platform that
focus on Sha'bi, Folk and Electronic
music from the Middle East and North
Africa.We were working on our monthly
Hafla, a celebration and party
concept, here in Berlin until the
Covid-19 outbreak prevented us from
having a real life party. Subsequently
we moved the party online in order to
support musicians, producers and DJs;
all while entertaining music lovers
around the globe.

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